Our Workshop

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Your bike will get the attention it deserves and will be maintained by professionals .

Our workshop is fully equipped to accommodate the maintenance and repair of all types of bicycles. (exceptions detailed below)


Our Services



CHF  146 .-

  • Wipe Fram
  • Wipe & Lubricate chain
  • Adjust Braking & Shifting
  • True Derailleur Hanger
  • True Wheels (minor)
  • Inflation of tires to spécifications
  • Saddle and handlebar alignment
  • Check parts for wear
  • Check tightness of all screws
  • Double Check and Test Ride
  • Storage of the bike for up to 4 days



CHF  175.- 

  • Standard Service 
  • + Battery recharge  
  • + Software Update



CHF  199. -

  • eBike Service 
  • + Lubrification of seals and shock adjustment
  • + Lubrification of seals and fork adjustment
  • + Lubrification of seals of dropper seat post

Wash it 

Frame & Wheels Wash CHF 39.-/33.-*

Cleaning with water and biodegradable cleaner

Drivetrain Cleaning  CHF 59.-/49.-*

Dismantling the transmission and cleaning it in a bath, much like a spa for your transmission ;) 

Complete Cleaning CHF 99.-/79.-*

The frame, the wheels and the transmission, all clean

*Price if added to Service

 Repair it

Tire puncture repair CHF 15 to 20.-*

Brake Pad Remplacement CHF 18.-*           

Cable Replacement external CHF 12.-*

Spoke Replacement CHF 18.-/each*

& much more....

*plus the price of parts

Drop Off of your Bike

For appointments at the workshop, you can drop off your bike between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. For electric bikes, please bring it complete; keys, battery, and display. If you have charging problems, take the charger too.

We will not be able to perform service on e-bikes equipped with a system such as Rocky Mountain, Stromer, Yamaha. However, we will be able to work on the mechanical part of the bike.

We do not accept the following bikes at the workshop:

  • Bikes from big box stores

  • Very old bikes

  • Bulky cargo bikes or bikes weighing over 30 kg


Bikes purchased from The Bike are automatically covered by the warranty and this is carried out at no additional cost.

For bicycles purchased from other stores, we can take over the warranty on the defective component(s). Please note, however, that we charge from the time of collection, logistics, labor, and shipping costs.

We cannot make warranty claims for brands of which we are not resellers.