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Your bike will get the love it well deserves, and could even get a new life with our Gold Service. Either way, we'll take care of it, as if it were our own.

Our workshop is equipped with every tool required to work on just about any bike. 

From April to October, we strongly suggest that you call us or send us an email for an appointment prior to your visit so your bike will be immobilized as little as possible.




CHF  59 .-

  • Lubrification chain
  • Contrôle de sécurité Freins + Vitesses
  • Contrôle des roues 
  • Gonflage des pneus au spécifications 
  • Alignement selle et guidon 
  • Contrôle de l’assemblage des pièces 
  • Serrage de toutes vis desserrée 



CHF  139.-*

 "Service annuel"
  • Service Bronze +
  • + Lavage Cadre + Roues
  • + Dégraissage chaîne 
    • + Ajustement transmission 
  • + Dévoilage roues
  • + Recharge eBike ou eShifting
  • + Control Qualité par 2 Mécaniciens 
  • *Includes labor for the replacement of up to 4 parts total (e.g. 2 tires & 2 brake pads)



CHF  319 .-*

"Service complet » 
  • Service Silver +
  • + Lavage complet du vélo 
  • + Démontage Transmission pour nettoyage
    • + Démontage Roulements de moyeux (nettoyage et graissage)
    • + Service Direction (nettoyage  & graissage)
  • + Replacement Cables/Gaines, Purge Freins*
  • + Replacement Grips ou Tape*
  • + Update software eBike ou eShifting
  • *exclus pièces 

Wash it 

Frame & Wheel Wash  CHF  25.-

We wash it with water and a biodegradable cleaner 

Drivetrain Only Wash  CHF  49.-

We disassemble and clean it in a bubble bath, kinda like a spa treatment for your drivetrain ;) 

Complete Bike Wash  CHF  59.-

The frame, wheels & drivetrain, all squeaky clean

 Repair it

Repair a Flat Tire CHF 15.-*

Replace Brake Pad CHF 18.-*           

Replace Cable external CHF 12.-*

Replace Spoke CHF 18.-/each*

& many more....

*plus the cost of parts