Our Team

Anthony Boulos, Mécanique et Vente 

Anthony is completing our team to offer better customer service and faster turn-over in the workshop. His technical knowledge, his listening, and the will to give you the best service possible will give you a great experience and useful recommendations. 

Marie Troyon, Vente et Gestion              

Marie has a strong background in sales so she will know how to help you from purchases to servicing your bike and everything in between with her own twist, she will also be the first one sending you a message when your order gets here. She is a truly passionate cyclist and loves discovering, the effort and the adventures a bike brings her. 

Damien Fermo, Workshop Manager

You will find Damien in the workshop ready to take care of your bike or managing the parts and accessories you need to fix it or make it better. He can also help you with your purchases with calm, knowledge and tact.

Joey  Brand , 2nd-year apprentice

Joey is discovering his new professional life every day, he is learning very fast and likes to help and talk about bikes with people, his passion is growing every day.


Ryan Anderson, Master Mechanic & Owner

Ryan has been working in bike shops for nine years in a row and takes on the challenge in 2018 of having his own bike shop. He will always be there to help you choose from our bikes, accessories or clothing and even bike rides, he also spends a lot of time making people more comfortable on their bikes doing the Retül Fit. 





Nous sommes ouverts Non-Stop

Mardi - Vendredi: 8h30 - 18h30 

Samedi: 8.30 - 17.00 

Nous sommes fermés (et en vélo): 


Les dimanches et lundis

- 24 décembre 2019 au 3 janvier 2020 

24th 2019 to January 3rd 2020


Connectez-vous avec nous

Arrêtez-vous et prenez un café, appelez-nous, ou envoyez-nous un message, nous vous reviendrons dès que possible (rappelez-vous que nous sommes fermés le dimanche et le lundi).

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