Bicycle Service Technician

Pully, Switzerland

We offer:
- a high-end bicycle shop with a strong reputation for quality products and services
- Specialized, Cannondale & Benno bicycle brands
- a Retül fit center -an extensive line of accessories & clothing
- 3 new workstations with a lovely view of the mountains (with Park Tools electric lifts)
- a full-time, permanent position
- flexible seasonal scheduling
- a salary of approx. 4000 CHF/month
- performance bonuses
- a world-class area for road cycling
- a world-class area for MTB
- an indoor track 30 minutes away
- weekly club rides
- an opportunity to transmit your knowledge to an apprentice

You are: 

  • passionate about bicycles, or cycling

  • methodical

  • demanding

  • efficient

  • dependable

You have: 

  • a keen diagnostic ability

  • years of experience with high-end bicycles

  • knowledge or willingness to learn French